Introducing a new type of workshop from Key Media and Marketing…more than just a social media seminar, the Digital Marketing Toolbox aims to give you the tools, inspiration and skills to plan and execute your digital marketing strategy.

Because of the vast and varied nature of the online and digital marketing, the classic Digital Marketing Toolbox workshop is conducted over 4 sessions and includes:

  • Basic social media use and skills for using social media for business (hands-on session)
  • Websites, Google and Web Hosting – understand what works best for you with a guest presenter
  • Industry Specific Tools for Digital Marketing (e.g. Tourism industry, Restaurant industry) including influencer marketing, e-newsletters, industry websites, blogs and more
  • Putting together your digital marketing toolbox based on your budget, skills and resources including online communication, applications and tools to help you more…

However, the workshop can be tailored to your available time, budget and specific industry requirement.   The workshop will include additional notes and videos shared with students between classes to further their skills development and add more to their Digital Marketing Toolbox

Enquire about dates near you: or +2784 516 2607