How to use WeTransfer

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WeTransfer is one of the simplest ways to transfer medium/large files, videos and photos to anyone via the internet on either your PC or an APP on your phone. The difference between WeTransfer and Dropbox is that WeTransfer is designed for single-use transfers and not storing your data/images etc. in a cloud, as Dropbox does.

So when you need to keep your files safe or if you share one particular folder often, then Dropbox is your choice.

But if you need to transfer files to one or more people just once, then WeTransfer is a really good choice. Just remember that WeTransfer files are only available for download for 7 days, before the download becomes invalid, as they are not stored permanently in a cloud.

If you’d like to learn how to easily and safety send high resolution images, files and videos via WeTransfer, just follow these easy steps:

  1. Go to
  2. [You need to know where on your computer your files are saved. Pictures? My Documents?] Click on + Add Your Files. A window will open up, allowing you to select all the files that you would like to send. You can select multiple files with the SHIFT key.
  3. Click Open on the bottom right of the window to start the upload.
  4. Fill in the Email to: section and add your email address in the section provided.
  5. Then click TRANSFER

It’s that easy and the person/people that you’ve WeTransfered to will receive an email and link to download. You will also receive an email when they have downloaded your files, so you’ll know that they received and downloaded them.

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