Work smarter, not harder 

Invest time, don’t spend it 

Focus on being productive instead of busy

And, the list of platitudes goes on and on…okay, one more (a personal favourite 😉 ) Strive not to be a success, but rather of value.

But what does it really mean to be productive?  We all want less to do and more time to do it. We all want results for our efforts. I’ve been listening to some of these podcasts for a while and have found lots of practical information, in addition to some interesting science (which I love). Here are five podcasts for productivity (in no particular order).

The Productivity Show by Asian Effeciency

[Listen time: +-45 minutes]

This was the first productivity podcast I really got into and I still really enjoy their episodes. They’re usually super current and really understand how much we’re juggling in our daily lives – very relatable and they provide really cool software and app resources.

Beyond the To-Do List

[Listen time: +-45 minutes]

Are you a slave to your to-do list? This podcast is practical and inspiring as host Erik Fisher talks to real people about their productivity problems and solutions, getting good work done and getting the right work done for a more productive and meaningful life.


[Listen time: 2-3 minutes]

This is a new discovery for me and, like the UPSIDE down, is designed to be consumed in the tiniest of bite sizes. It’s fast talking and speaks to the essence of the problem. So far, I’m enjoying it.

The Getting Things Done (GTD) podcast

There’s science in the words you hear. This podcast is from New York Times best-selling author, David Allen.