It’s something that we all struggle with – what to post?  I generally believe that it’s best to post on a regular cadence(whether daily or weekly) and to keep posts inline with your brand identity and seasonal goals. But, you really just visited this page for social media post ideas, yes? Well, here are 21 social media post ideas to inspire you:

  1. News (e.g. new solar showers, an award, sighting of a rare bird – include pics or short video)
  2. News from around your area
  3. Blog posts (yours, from your tourism office or from visiting bloggers – a Google search should return good results to use)
  4. Re-use old content that was popular (e.g. “remember when the lake frosted over?”)
  5. Customer reviews
  6. Recipes
  7. Tips and hints (e.g. something that only locals would know)
  8. Seasonal posts (e.g. getting a beer at the cricket festival, or a warm fireplace in winter)
  9. Seasonal special offers and social only offers
  10. Ask a question (Facebook & Twitter both have poll options, but a question in your post will do well too)
  11. Answer Frequently Asked Questions
  12. Your favourite hacks and tools (e.g. podcasts for your road trip across the Platteland)
  13. A photo album (e.g. rooms collected, a sunrise series, fun day out), photo or video
  14. Introduce your staff and their special skills
  15. Inspirational quotes
  16. Events in your area
  17. Infographic (super for presenting information in a clear way)
  18. Welcome guests (media, celebrity, influencer)
  19. Good work done (if you support an NGO in your area, use social media to shed light on the good work being done)
  20. Challenge/Series (e.g. a week of sunrises)
  21. Behind the scenes (let your online community behind the scenes to get to know you and your staff, and the brand that you represent)

I hope you’ve been inspired a little bit to think about your social media posts and how to engage your online community!

If you’d like to chat about putting a formal social media calendar together, please get in touch below…

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