Helping small businesses and creative entrepreneurs, like you, to grow their business, brand and online community using a strategic approach and social media with a brain, mailers with personality, and content that adds value to the lives of those it reaches.

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Smile for the day: “Do or do-not. There is no try.” – Master Yoda


If you’re looking to grow your online community, communicate better with your customers, monitor your brand and reach new customers, this option is for you.  Services include social media account creation, curation, advert management, content creation, mailers and more.  Learn more about about growing and marketing to your online community below.


High value and high engagement, this three-month booster package offers small businesses and creative entrepreneurs a combination of coaching, consulting and additional curation to refresh and develop their digital marketing efforts. This package is ideal for businesses and individuals who are already active online and would like to evaluate their efforts, review analytics and focus their efforts on areas that provide the best return on investment. To discover new markets and learn as you go, learn more below.


Let’s work together to tell a story. Marketing aside, we are human beings who want to feel a connection – to each other & the choices that we make. Take a seat on the content couch and let’s work on the story behind your brand, and how you would like to communicate that with customers and potential customers. Options include website content, social media posts, newsletters, articles and press releases. Let’s give your brand a personality. I am a writer and storyteller, so you don’t have to be. Learn more below.


How can you measure progress and success if you haven’t identified your goals and planned your route? Your website and social media platforms are often the first encounter that a customer will have with your business, so this needs to be on point. Up-to-date information and specials, timely or auto-responses in place, and a solid content calendar are all essential in today’s competitive market. This option is for you if you would like to be more active online, but are not sure what to post, when to post and how to measure your progress. Learn more below.


Looking for that “Aha” moment? With more than a decade of education experience, training and coaching is a tremendous passion of mine and I love the atmosphere that is created when we get together to problem-solve and share our ideas. Passion and ideas, coupled with a solid strategy and a good handle on new media, are a winning combination. This option can be tailored to suit staff and management requirements and include everything from soft skills, communication, social media, website curation, the marketing funnel and more. Learn more below.


Working on a project but not sure of your direction or progress? Working on your website copy, event or seasonal campaign, but feeling low on inspiration? Borrow a creative mind for a day and make use of my experience. I often find that collaboration and a second set of eyes and ears can make a tremendous difference in the creative process. Half-day and full-day options available. Learn more below.


This decade has brought us innumerable tools for creating exciting and engaging content! Let’s discuss the possibilities and find which will work best for you. Brand consistency is still vital to your online presence. Your own personal templates, a splash of colour, an infographic, animation or a pop of inspiration can do wonders for a stale brand. Learn more below.


Your website is often your customers’ first impression of your brand. Simplicity and usability are at the forefront of my website designs. The single most important thing for your web visitors is that they find the information that they are looking for. Following this, we’d like to capture their imagination and pique their curiosity. Your business may sell products or services, but what it is really doing is solving a problem or selling an experience. Let’s discuss how colour, layout, readability and user experience influence your sales funnel and let’s plan a website that is modern, classic and easy to use across all devices. Learn more below.


Your website and digital platforms (social media, blog, business listing) are often your customers’ first impression of your website.Broken links, spelling mistakes and incorrect information all impact their purchase decision. How can they trust you take care of them when you don’t take care of your own publications? This new service is born of my time spent online researching and gathering content, and I have noted a lack of care in so many businesses. Take this opportunity to bring your publications and online listings up to date. When was the last time you took the sales journey of your customer? Learn more below.


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